Clivia is native to damp woodland habitats in South Africa as well as in Swaziland. It is also reportedly naturalized in Mexico.

Fine art flower photography print of an orange freesia flower by Allison Trentelman.

Freesia Photo, Fine Art Print "Freesia No. 1"

Large Floral Art Large Flower Photography Large Wall Art Floral Photography Print Extra Large Print Floral Photo USD) by RockyTopPrintShop

Теплый колорит - темноватая теплая весна - Красота, вдохновленная природой

California Poppy - Eschscholzia californica 'Aurantiaca Orange' - beautiful orange and gold silky flowers in profusion.

Always think as much as you can with prayerful heart that "Everything surrounding us, the air particles, people, the birds, the trees, everything around us - they all are absorbed in Godly remembrance." ~ Rev. Kamlesh D Patel

Flower types for my tattoo - Dahlia, gorgeous gradations of color here. Like orange & raspberry sherbert.

Sparkly Gold

For many gardeners and recipients of a bouquets, yellow flowers are a sign of spring and will create joy in all of us. The color yellow creates joy and happiness and spreads delight and a smile for…