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Prenez une vague de fraîcheur avec le gel douche corps & zone intime Femfresh

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Hawaii's Garrett McNamara surfs what has been determined as the tallest wave ever ridden at Praia do Norte beach near Nazare, Portugal. Portugal's navy awarded McNamara its Medalha Naval de Vasco da Gama in a ceremony in Lisbon.

2011 Garrett McNamara, of Hawaii, surfs 78 foot wave which is being called the tallest wave ever ridden at the Praia do Norte beach in Nazare, Portugal.

Divers above and below - in pictures

Divers above and below - in pictures

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braved some sketchy waves at to capture this banger using Burst Mode! What a great angle!

I've seen waves do this in Hawaii, it happens when one or more catches up with the one making beach fall and you get a stacked effect.

Mind-Blowing Surf Shots for International Surfing Day

In honor of International Surfing Day on June we give a nod to one of our favorite surf photographers, Clark Little.

Sun kissed

A casual and messy bun is the perfect hair style for those lazy summer days tanning at the beach.