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Do Your Parents Know Each Pokémon's Name?

Ask Airalin Q10-12 by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt

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I gotta get me a Gengar

Dude, you have to see this

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Ah true true except I don't wonder trade my weak pokemon, I release them unless I need them for my pokedex

3/7 HAPPY GARDEVOIR DAY! Sorry I've been away for awhile. Family issues have kept me busy lately. Hope you like it! ^^ Got a question for Airalin? Ask here! Like my art? Then please consider j...

Airalin is one of those people who should never be given positions of authority. Hope you like it ^^ Got a question for Airalin? Ask Airalin

D'aw! The feels!

You're Always Welcome to My Family- bulbasaurs are one of my favourite pokemons!

Pokemons according to my girlfriend

Pokemons according to my girlfriend

pokemons-they should have a movie were the pokemons look like this

Funny pictures about If Pokemons were real. Oh, and cool pics about If Pokemons were real. Also, If Pokemons were real.