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❥ Damn Refs

Basic Fun Fisher Price Classic Chatter Phone - the ultimate pretend play toy!

Multi-Color Clicker Pen!

We all tried it…

multicolor pen, and yes I did try to pull 2 colors at once all the time

if you like this pic

Motrola Razor This Was The Cool Kids Phone: Remember how badly you wanted one of these? Morrola Razor this was the cool kids phone back in the day

Only people alive in the 80's & 90's know why these to items are connected.

Maybe not just our children, but some of the kids growing up right now! Our children pencil tape


I was born in late 1997 so I'm more of an early kid but I remember every single thing on this list, cause it's my childhood(:

90s kid!- Ha totally questioned the red/green ranger.

I love that kid" actually means "were born in the and grew up in the This was definitely my childhood, and they called me out on the Power Ranger thing.

YES!!!!! always looked for the star..

If you found an Indian shooting a star, you were supposed to get a free tootsie roll pop. A myth.

I DID! My first phone.... I feel old

My first cell phone! I totally rocked out at snake. We didn't realize then how lame these phones were at the time. Sad thing is, the phones we carry at work are barely a step up from these!

90s kids will understand..word to your mother. Hollerrrr ; )

11 months and this could have been me.:( not even a year from being born in an awesome time.and now i am in the same group of the children born in 1999 that are "growing up" in the

oh yeah, and probably still would

The Most Delightful Moments From Your Childhood In 29 Pictures

ADMIT IT'' You toatally did this. Yep, bit my finger clear off once. it ends with it being permanently logged in my rectum admit it bugle chips OM nom yum

YES specially since my last name started with a s!

Member this? Ha, so true.Funny thing is, Now my daughter has this drawn every where and she thinks its so cool. Funny how things still happen even with your kiddos!

T_T where did those days gooooo!?!?!?

You might be a kid, if. I just had flashbacks to my childhood. I miss old school Lisa Frank. Also, my Beanie Babies aren't worth the millions I thought they were going to be.

omg! hate. this.

It still bugs me with the corded headset for my work phone (which also has a cord). I hate, hate, hate twisted phone cords.

Puddles of water.

Remember when this was the biggest problem you encountered all day? Never liked the puddles under the playground swings at school