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Lieutenant's Heart pattern by Anna Dalvi

Lieutenant’s Heart is the Swedish term for bleeding heart flowers. The name comes from an old legend in which a young lieutenant tries to woo a beautiful lady. She refuses him, and he throws himself upon his sword.

Ravelry $7 summerlea's Estonian Shawl

summerlea's Estonian Shawl

Knitting using Rainy Day chart and 3 triangle shape. x Shawl weighs rem yarn Began ~ Cast on extra sts to work 3 reps, not for different shape.

Ravelry: In the Land of Oz pattern by Adrienne Fong

In the Land of Oz pattern by Adrienne Fong

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „skraistės mezgimas“

Ostrich feathers have been used for decades to make feather dusters. In this design, I’ve paired an ostrich plume stitch pattern with a lovely mohair/silk yarn to create a light-as-a-feather triangular scarf.

Ravelry: Sonetto Shawl pattern by Judy Marples

Sonetto Shawl pattern by Judy Marples


Herbstduft pattern by Regina Maria Friedek


Even fairy queens need options in their wardrobes, and Titania has plenty of options.

Titania Shawl pattern by Kate Poe