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Weirdly this is the place my parents love to take my family when we visit then in Lancaster, I jus happened to see the caption after I noticed the flower:)) Original Caption: Pink Water Lily at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania

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The pink lotus is the supreme lotus, it is often associated with the highest deity, the Buddha himself. Though often confused with the white lotus, it is the pink lotus that symbolizes Buddha where the white lotus is used for lesser holy figures.

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Saiba como cultivar a flor de lótus | Jardim das Ideias STIHL - Dicas de jardinagem e paisagismo

“ I think the Lotus is the perfect representation of myself. For those of you that don’t know the story of the Lotus, the Lotus flower embodies pure beauty that grows from the mud.

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Water lilies / Nymphaeaceae “ The God Ra, who banished the darkness, emerged from a primordial water lily. Ancient Egyptian priests used the blue water lily, possibly in combination with Mandrake, to.

PeqCi — hellocoraco:   Queen of the Night

PeqCi — hellocoraco: Queen of the Night

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The Lotus flower is a metaphor for Buddhism/a metaphor for life- the muddy swamp is where the Lotus Flower blooms-(life& problems the mud-produce stunning beauty and breakthroughs with faith)