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Super-Charged Volcanic Ash Cloud Sparked By Lightning, Calbuco volcano, Chili, on April 23, 2015 (pinned by haw-creek.com)

We've Angered The Gods, If You Don't Believe Us Watch This

This Eruption in Chile Proves Once and For All That Volcanoes are the Most Terrifying Natural Disaster

Alaska's Pavlof Volcano: Is it ready to erupt again? Pavlof Volcano, a volcano on the southwestern end of the Alaska Peninsula, has seen increased seismic activity. The Alaska Volcano Observatory increased the volcano's threat level this past week.

Is Alaska's Mount Pavlof volcano about to erupt once again?

In this photo provided by the Alaska Volcano Observatory, the Pavlof volcano erupts Thursday, May as seen from the air from the southwest in Cold Bay, Alaska. THEO CHESLEY — Alaska Volcano Observatory via AP

In this time-lapse photo, ash billows from Puyehue volcano as lightning strikes in southern Chile on June 5, 2011.

See the Eruption of Chile's Calbuco Volcano Paint the Sky

The Cordón Caulle volcano in central Chile is pictured in all it's glory by Chilean photographer Francisco Negroni. His stunning snaps show forks of volcanic lightning to create an incredible light show.

National Geographic Best Photos in 2013 - Imgur

National Geographic Best Photos in 2013

Tormenta en el Caulle (The Chilean volcano Cordon Caulle erupted and met a thunderstorm among its first nights). Photo by Francisco Negroni.

Etna - 6 Marzo 2013 - KdEtna

Etna - 6 Marzo 2013 - KdEtna

L'irruption du volcan sous-marin Kilauea à Hawai

10 - L'irruption du volcan sous-marin Kilauea à Hawai

On an early morning shoot at the Waikupanaha ocean entry, lava from Kilauea volcano poured into the sea, creating a huge steam plume that rose with such velocity, it generated multiple vortices as it billowed upward into the sky

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