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Tina Louise (February 11, 1934 - ), 1960. age 26 (gilligan's island)

Tina Louise had men and women alike wishing they were shipwrecked on deserted shores. Appropriately named Ginger on the hit series, Gilligan's Island, she was the total package.

Tina Louise

Actress/singer Tina Louise turns 81 today - she was born in She's best known for her role of Ginger Grant on TVs Gilligan's Island.

Tina Louise as Ginger, Gilligan's Island                              …

Tina Louise as Ginger, Gilligan's Island. This my total favorite hair style!

Gilligan's Island (1964-1967) - Tina Louise as Ginger.

Tina Louise as 'The Movie Star, Ginger Grant' on "Gilligan's Island" CBS) and her "three-hour tour" wardrobe.

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Tina Louise as Ginger Grant on "Gilligan's Island" - critics focused on her beauty (on this show), but she played this part really well, a talented performer!