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Yeah, I'm really a shadowhunter that happens to be a high functioning sociopath.<<< pinning for that comment

Yeah, I'm really a shadowhunter that also happens to be a high functioning sociopath, a wizard, a Gallagher Girl( spy), and a fairy tail member.

Okay so i made a thing. <<< this is what needs to be in a valentines day card to win my heart ❤️

by Panic! at the disco<<<I just new it was coming it had to be said <<by fall out boy

Best daughter ever

Best daughter ever <<once I changed my mom's desktop picture to Brendon raising an eyebrow with "hello mother" written over it in comic sans

The emo trinity...

Correction: Emo Trinity lead singers and their classy sassy glasses.>>because the emo trinity is not only their singers(except for p!

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I feel like anything that starts with When I Was... will be sung in tone of Welcome To The Black Parade<<<< Same here

WHY<<oh my freaking god wow XD Youngblood Chronicles (FOB) meets Welcome to the Black Parade (MCR) XD

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you little pop fandoms who claim you are superior to the rock and pink kids- watch out, because we are back and we will be remembered for centuries