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Maasai Masai Queen/Princess/Bridal Jewelry Set by TheMaasaiShop Africa Fashion, African Men Fashion, African Beauty, African Women, Nigerian Fashion, Ghanaian Fashion, African Style, Ankara Fashion, African Accessories
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Handmade AFRICAN Maasai set, Tribal set, African jewelry set, Afrocentric jewelry, African Jewelry, Wedding jewelry, Maasai Jewelry set

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This This Handmade AFRICAN Maasai Necklace, Tribal Necklace, Her Necklace, Afrocentric Necklace, African Jewelry, Colorful Necklace, Maasai Jewelry
This absolutely amazing necklace was traditionally worn as a wedding necklace by the Masai community of Kenya. It is simply a work of Art:)
It is made from the finest high quality Masai beads, and is hand made from top to bottom.
It can be worn on any occasion and guarantees one is going to stand out from the crowd.
This is extra large and has a diameter of 15 inches end to end. It is made is leather and bead design done on it. It is light weight and has beaded strands with cowrie shells on each strand.
You can wear it singly during cultural nights, weddings or when you want to connect with mama Africa
Includes 4 necklaces in Small,Medium,Large and Extra Large of beautiful colored seed beads. The different sizes is to ensure they layer out beautifully, A beaded head crown and a choker necklace. You can choose the colours you may want. If you realize, the beads come in all colors so you are at liberty to as for specific colours to be dominant. (FULL SET AS Model 2) (Total 6pieces)
Like most ethnic groups around the world, the Masai people are characterized and identified by their dress and ornamentation.
Their jewelry spots bright colors, intricate patterns, Jewelry that dangle, jingles and catches the eye.
These sets are amazingly beautiful when combined and can be worn during cultural nights,weddings,birthdays,anniversaries
What do the Maasai colors stand for?
Red, for example, signifies danger, ferocity, bravery, strength, and especially unity, because it is the color of the blood of the cow that is slaughtered when the community comes together in celebration.
Blue is important because it represents the sky which provides water for the cows.
Green is important because it represents the land which grows food for the cattle to eat. Green also represents the health of the Maasai community because there is a local plant called olari which grows tall and plentiful, as the Masai hope they will too.
The gourds that hold the milk that are offered to visitors are colored orange, and so this is the color of hospitality.
Yellow also suggests hospitality because it is the color of the animal skins on guest beds.
Because white is the color of milk, which comes from a cow, considered by the Maasai as a pure and holy animal, white represents purity. White also represents health, because it is milk that nourishes the community.
Black represents the color of the people but more importantly the hardships we all go through in life. It suggests that difficult times occur with everyone because those difficulties are part of the same, natural sequence of life.