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The New England Patriots came through with a victory and are the Super Bowl LI Champions! Celebrate them in true winning style with these two adorable Patriots fans in this Precious Moments figurine:

Together We're A Winning Team New England Patriots Figurine

Limited-edition figurine honors the Patriots Super Bowl LI victory and your relationship. Handcrafted of fine bisque porcelain.

10 yrs ago today the Patriots became the 1st team to go 16-0, 12-29-07. (Moss & Brady)

Eight years ago today, the 2007 New England Patriots defeated the New York Giants to become the team in NFL history to finish the season

The GOAT!  TB12

For women, the start of the NFL might mean the very same thing or it may mean something entirely

I still feel pumped about this!! Anyone else?? #patsnation #blitzforsix #patriots

Just a gentle reminder of how the Falcons blew a bigger lead in the Super Bowl than a pornstar would blow a dick