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LOVE: When I was 20 someone asked "Besides family, who is one person you cannot imagine living without?" The answer surprised me. That day I confessed my love for my best guy friend. We will have been together 7 years this March <- Cute Story

I can't do it again feeling like the person I wanted more then anything to love me give up on me cuz he thinks I'm not worth it I love you too much to give up. I can't I won't I love you and I will try forever to make it work no matter what.

Im so tired, of everything, im finished, i have a problems with her since we comeback from turkey, its me before she...  im being so nervous, so unpatient , having a bad atmosphere all the time... and i just can't handle this situation...  I don't want to say more cause it will make ur day worse... so this is it...  Going to have some rest.

I want to be the only hand you ever need to hold love love quotes relationship quotes relationship quotes and sayings


It's funny, from the very first time my husband and I met we knew something was there and it has been the most beautiful crazy relationship i've ever experienced. He is the my best friend and the love of my life. Even if I forget that from time to time.