Zig Zag Flats in Zeeburg, Amsterdam, by Rod Monkey

Rod Monkey, Zig Zag Zeeburg The wonderful facade of the block of flats known as Hoop, Liefde en Fortuin (Hope, Love and Fortune - 3 windmills which used to stand in this location) in the district of Zeeburg, Amsterdam.

Parametric Studies_Zaha Hadid Zaha's ideas are always so original and always interesting. Loving the figure ground contrast and negative-positive space!

joemyerscough: detailsorientedbyshapepluspace: Ceiling Pattern: Belzberg Architects Ceilings in buildings are neglected too often in design, mainly due to the money aspect of a build. Above is a nice design.

ModernSauce: September 2013

concrete pattern architecture structure of Chemnitz Stadthalle, Germany

Dune - wall design treatment http://www.urbanproduct.ca/site/Dune.html

Stephen Lindsay of the Canadian design studio UrbanProduct with photos of their Dune Wall Treatments. The tiles are made from local materials in either concrete, wood, or ceramic

RestBox for 2009 Gwangju Design Biennale, The 'Living' Exhibition, final 'PaperWood' version detail

IwamotoScott Architecture RestBox for 2009 Gwangju Design Biennale, The 'Living' Exhibition, final 'PaperWood' version detail

It's like a TARDIS interior! http://www.detail-online.com/daily/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/01-interior-view.jpg

KAUST Beacon

Breakwater Beacon at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Urban Art Projects HOK

Architecture / Black and White Photography / Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois, by Studio Gang. Photo by Lucas Vasilko, via Behance

scenography, architecture or conceptual art? On a lighter level, just looks like fun

From Numen / For Use focuses on objects and concepts set without a specific use, resulting in hybrid and experimental work, as the series Numen / Light and tape facilities Numen / Tape.