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SWASTIKA SYMBOLS - The earliest known or most primitive of symbolic characters found in some form in every land. This is a symbol of eternity, line returning upon line.

1,2,3 – earth fire, 4- Bird , 5, 6 – symbol of air & space, 7 – fern, 8 – universal tree, 9,10 – sky fire, 11 – symbol of planet positioned in for worlds (!), 12- universal tree, 13 – triune goddess, 14-19 – symbols of animals

Insights from the Vedic-Slavic cultures in a contemplative quest for Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge

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Glagolitic is the first known Slavic alphabet. The creation of the alphabet is generally ascribed to Saints Cyril and Methodius in roughly 862 CE. It was used for religious and governmental writings.

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The Glagolitic alphabet /ˌɡlæɡɵˈlɪtɨk/, also known as Glagolitsa, (OCS: The Church Slavonic name of the Glagolitic script on Glagolitic.svg, Кѷрїлловица) is the oldest known Slavic alphabet from the century.