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It symbolizes the depiction of the Scandinavian god Týr.

aww -  900 Year Old Coded Viking Message Carved on Wood Fragment Finally Solved, It Says Kiss Me

900-Year-Old Coded Viking Message Carved on Wood Fragment Finally Solved, It Says "Kiss Me" [Updated]

Viking Message Decoded, Reads 'Kiss Me' The mystery of a Viking message has finally been solved.

Viking combs.

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The Mammen Style

The Mammen Style

Vеrby hoard, Sweden 10th century

Viking Hoard ~ The Vеrby hoard, Sweden century). LInk to video inoperable now but beautiful photo above, nevertheless!

Dragon Head. Viking ships often had Dragon heads mounted on the bow to scare off sea monsters.

the proud bow of a Viking ship

A North Country Brigand

The only interesting thing that happened on the way was 8 men dressed up in Viking costumes with helmets with horns on and they were shouting, but they weren't real Vikings because the Vikings lived nearly years ago.

"Oseberg" Wikingerzelt

"Oseberg" Wikingerzelt

Viking Woman's Chatelaine with Scissors Needle by feedtheravens

Mrs Lynch's would be more practical like this. Rather than the more elaborate decorative ones I've found. Viking Woman's Chatelaine with Scissors, Needle Case, Key, Earspoon, Iron Knife Amulet and Fire Steel Amulet


Viking knife with sheath. Masur birch handle with brass bolsters. Scandi grind blade in carbon steel. Blue leather sheath with brass fittings and simple line work.