Polish tatt artist Kamil Czapiga from Katowice makes use of the neo-Impressionist pointillism technique of using tiny dots of pure colors to craft stark, crisp tattoos that blend tribal mythology and timeless geometry most holistically.

Valentin Hirsch

SWALLOW Today, the symbol of the swallow can mean many different things around the world Sailors symbol The swallow tattoo was a symbol used historically by sailors to show off their sailing expe…

Anubus Tattoo; Just the top half...I'd keep wings of Isis, and change eye of Horus to an Ankh...;) ♥

Ancient Egypt also looks good for blackwork and dotwork. Philip Yarnell representated the weighing of the heart and god Anubis. The afterlife was a strong point of Egyptian culture, surprisingly similar with Christian culture.

Native American tattoo

Jay is famous for his stunning native American girls, here seen on an upper arm.

Dot and Blackwork par Kamil Czapiga - Journal du Design

Dot and Blackwork par Kamil Czapiga

koikoikoi: “ Fantastic tattoo inspiration by Kamil Czapiga Kamil Czapiga is a young illustrator and tattoo arts from Katowice, Poland. Kamil is inspired by wild nature, weird folk music, native.