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"The Kiss", David Walker, Street Art in London Town. Veja também: http://semioticas1.blogspot.com.br/2012/11/banksy-guerra-e-grafite.html

"The Kiss", David Walker, Street Art in London Town. The Kiss Keka❤❤❤

... tão lindo... tão estranho...

LOVE , the colors/Saatchi Online Artist: yossi kotler; Digital 2014 New Media "wondering"

ESTADO D'ALMA : Fotografia                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

willkimart: “ “Looking At You” Series - by Will Kim Medium: Brush Markers, Soft Pastels, & Oil Pastels I have posted these four Looking At You Series all on the separate days and I thought it would be.


Dark photo manipulations by Giorgia Napoletano

Giorgia Napoletano is an Italian photographer/photo-manipulator who blends dark themes of body metamorphosis and obscure digital alterations. Despite her young age and entering college, she’s been pub (Mix Colors Art)

Pinturas Figurativas de Andre Kohn                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Belas pnturas figurativas de Andre Kohn

David Walker "Swapping Soul with Strangers"

David Walker is a good example of style repetition. He has a unique style that can be identified throughout his works. The repetition is in his colour theme and applications of colours used to structure his art. The colours are well defined and strongly s

Sesame Fiction.

Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie as Jules Winnfield und Vincent Vega of Pulp Fiction. An artwork by Beery Method. The funny illustration is avai