Sakura and Shaoran <<< I don't know this anime but they are cute

cpieng: “ 「Sakura。」 hesitated composition for a while. didn’t express what I want very well ” Más

Tsubasa Beauty and the Best by RochelleBrown on DeviantArt - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle manga fanart [CLAMP] - Syaoran and Sakura

This is a inspired from (one of my all time favorite anime) Tsubsas Reservoir Chronicles and Beauty and the Best. Tsubasa Beauty and the Best

#037 : Foto

As promised, here is the gif and the still version of the fanart I did for CathingSakura show in december. you can find more information here Catching Sakura: A Cardcaptor SakuraTribute Gallery.

Cardcaptor Sakura | CLAMP | Madhouse / Kinomoto Sakura, Li Shaoran, The Sakura Cards, Daidouji Tomoyo, Li Meilin, Kinomoto Touya, Tsukishiro Yukito, and Keroberos (Kero-chan) / 「封印されたカードその後」/「ぺこぺり」のイラスト [pixiv]

(Cardcaptor Sakura) Sakura/Shaoran, Meilin, Touya, Yukito and Tomoyo

Sakura card captor

re 365370 sample card_captor_sakura dress kinomoto_sakura wings yibu.