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Talented 18 Year Old Girl Sews Stunning Dresses That Look Straight Out Of A Disney Movie

Angela Clayton_ Riding Coat_ 2

18th Century Riding Ensemble – Photos

Angela Clayton, quelle créativité !

The Grecian Costume : Making a Chiton, Crown, and Girdle

Angela Clayton, quelle créativité !

Vestido com luzes

Angela Clayton is an eighteen-year-old budding costume designer from Long Island, New York. She has a talent for making dresses and gowns — and they’re absolutely astounding.

A Renaissance themed gown vaguely inspired by Cranach paintings and costumes seen in "The Three Musketeers". It's made mostly from six yards of blue stretch taffeta and several yards of off white c...

Blue Taffeta Hooded Dress

A Renaissance themed dress made from blue taffeta and chiffon. The bodice is decorated with tiny pearls, and the dress is topped off with a detachable hood. the hood had a wire brim and ruched lining.