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While we're laughing at Republicans, they're warping our economy, our politics and our brains

President Obama’s take on last night’s debate (you’re going to LOVE this) | Eclectablog

President Obama comes out of the gate powerfully against childish Republicans McCain & Graham

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Learn about what's going on in our heads today.

Donald Trump Issued Incredibly Chilling Threat to a Rachel Maddow Producer

Trump Lawyer Sends Doomy Threat to Rachel Maddow's Producer [Video] – VibesRoll

Stop illegal cell phone searches at the border | CREDO Action

Komen to Refuse Donations from Fracking Companies - Food & Water Watch


Republicans seem like they're campaigning in another universe because they are

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder gave advice to Trump in a wide-ranging interview recently. “Campaigning gives you some experience (about politics), but there is a big difference between campaigning and governing,” said the Republican governor. He recommended Trump should collaborate with establi...

The Republican Governor of the United States Rick Snyder talks about his "Chinese dream" — attracting more Chinese investment to the US state of Michigan.

Federal prosecutor begins program to teach teen rapists how to avoid jail | Eclectablog

The anti-union, anti-teacher corporatist group Mackinac Center for Public Policy has a long history of promoting the demise of teachers unions and public schools.