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hang eucalyptus in the shower for natural aroma therapy.. good idea:)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Creating A Desirable Shower Space

“Hang the eucalyptus upside down by tying it to your shower head with twine. When you run your shower, the steam will rise up towards the eucalyptus, filling your bathroom with the most refreshing, relaxing scent, giving your bathroom a spa feel.

Good to know! Now where can I find it??

It may sound strange to place a plant in your shower, but this trick may have you feeling stress-free. Hang eucalyptus nearby your shower, or purchase some eucalyptus oil drops to bring clarity to your day.

Eucalyptus Shower - Herb Steam Shower

Aromatic Shower With Fresh Eucalyptus

You know that wonderful smell when you walk into Williams Sonoma? Here’s how to get it: water, sliced lemon, 3 springs of fresh rosemary and about a teaspoon of vanilla. Simmer on the stove....this smells amazing! I used 2 lemons, 3 sprigs of rosemary and about 2 tablespoons if vanilla. It only took 5 minutes to make the whole house smell fresh! - My-House-My-Home

Wonderful aroma: Water, sliced lemon, 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary and about a teaspoon of vanilla. Simmer on stove. Pinner used 2 lemons, 3 sprigs of rosemary and about 2 tablespoons of vanilla. It only took 5 minutes to make the whole house smell fresh!

In Italy they tie fresh sprigs of Eucalyptus onto their showerheads. After a hot shower, the steam makes an amazing fragrance--what a good idea!

Inspiration: Eucalyptus In the Bathroom

It is common in Italy to find fresh sprigs of Eucalyptus casually tied on to showerheads. When you take a hot bath or shower, the steam will release the eucalyptus oils. Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant, taking a shower with one can help to clear up

Ahhhh! So excited to tell you about my first burning sage ritual that I did over the weekend. I’ve always wanted to, having only seen them performed on TV in some Real Housewife’s mcmansion, but was waiting for a reason. Which is what I hope you’ll take away from this post: You don’t need a reason! Everyone …

Burning the Sage

“ weareallafricans: “ Sage is an herb that is known for its healing and medicinal properties. People have burned sage since ancient times to cleanse and purify objects and homes. Proponents of sage burning, also known as smudging,.

101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home | Glamumous!

101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home

What a great idea! Put a drop of your favorite essential oil on toilet paper roll to make your bathroom smell good.

Can't believe how well this actually worked! Was bored one night and decided to do it...totally worth it!! Was down 4 inches overnight, and another 3 inches the next night. Where has this been all my life?!?

DIY Body Wrap For Weight Loss

If you're looking to loose a couple of inches before a big event or you want a more toned stomach, a DIY body wrap is just the thing you're looking for!

Orchids love the moist, humid bathroom environment. Coincidentally mold also loves the same conditions, but orchids are a much prettier form of plant-life. Orchids are also essentially air plants, and that's why this suction-capped shower caddy arrangement works so well. Now there's a simple DIY project to brighten up the bathroom, if I've ever seen one.

A bath sponge, orchid and wire shower caddy can turn a bathroom into a tropical spa.

best plants to filter bathroom toxins - A lot has been said about the benefits that come with keeping houseplants, especially when it comes to their ability to naturally filter toxins out of the air in our homes. Most of us keep our houseplants where we, and our guests, can easily enjoy them– the common rooms of the home. However, the bathroom is the one room in the house that can benefit the most from having a houseplant call it home...

Best Houseplants to Filter Toxins in Your Bathroom - Mom Foodie - Blommi. The problem is my bathroom has no windows.

How to heal cavities naturally

How I Healed My Child's Cavity

Can good nutrition heal a cavity? If broken bones can heal, why not teeth? Interesting article detailing one mom's account of healing her child's cavity with butter oil and fermented cod liver oil.

C'est avec un grand plaisir que je vous retrouve en cette fin de week-end ! et en cette fin de vacances pour moi...              Pour commen...

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DIY stone bathmat.

how-to make your own stone bath mat from Natural Home. To make the mat, first you build a simple wooden frame, put a wire mesh across the bottom, and fill it with stones. It& like having a river bed in your bathroom.

A modern bathroom is thus not only a place where people can go for a refreshing shower, but a place of serenity and complete relaxation. Checkout 35 best modern bathroom design ideas

35 Best Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom, White Bathroom Designed In Ultra Modern Equipped With Pretty White Bathtub Also Decorated With Elegant Floating Vanity Plus Charmi.

Painted linoleum flooring made to look like weathered wood tile.

When you’re SO over your boring bathroom floor, this might be the most inexpensive way to dramatically transform it!