A wonderful and inspiring picture or mural of a little mouse watering his/her garden on the curb. Notice the cute little flower pot sitting on the window sill as well! Can you say "curb appeal"!

Jan Voorman’s LEGO Street Art

street art 86 lego very cool

Resistência..this has got to be my favourite pin. Something about it strikes a chord.

Who says resistance is futile? Resistance creates change and change is inevitable.

cool ... witzig ... knuddelig ... praktisch ... oder einfach nur inspirierend ...

Arte callejero - Street art utopia: We declare the world as our canvasChalk Art by David Zinn in Michigan, USA

Sjov streetart / hærværk

Street Art Where most of us would walk by and ignore this ugly space some very talented people give us a reason to stop, look and smile. Street Art Utopia click and check them out.

David Zinn (@davidzinn_art) | Твиттер

David Zinn - an important part of reaching for the stars is understanding how they got there. Located At Village of Dexter, Michigan.

David Zinn#charmieschristmas #holidaycharmies #charmiesbywendy

Street Art of Chalk and Charcoal Characters by David Zinn

Chalk art by David Zinn

Sidewalk chalk art in Midland, Michigan, photo by David Zinn, 2013

"Sluggo" チョークアート

Straight out of a children's book, the chalk street art by illustrator David Zinn depicts Sluggo, a small green character, and his friends in some very cute

Street Art in Cabeza, Miami

street art 000 street art Graffiti art by Alice in Berlin art ~ Street Art ~