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Every time I turn around, someone finds out I'm Peter Parker.

Spidey Just Wants To Be Part Of The Team

Every time I turn around, someone finds out I'm Peter Parker. (This actually happened, with these characters, in the Ultimates comics.) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

This is great | explanation for why Loki was the way he was in Avengers

Not only this but in the Thor movies lokis eyes are clearly green but in avengers they look blue we can see with hawkeye and others that your eyes turn blue under the control of the scepter - Loki Theory

Avengers 'I have a dream'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete epicness:D

The Tangled Avengers.this is pure brilliance wrapped in awesome. If you didn't sing it you're lying<<<I totally imagined Loki clinking two tiny unicorns together and Steve singing his part more than every other character


JARVIS knows all. My headcanon is that he's got a soft spot for Bucky, who talks to him like he's human (because Bucky has no frame of reference for talking to computers other than Zola, and JARVIS is NOT Zola). I ship Bucky+JARVIS

Paul Bettany on the Vision- I love!!

Paul Bettany: Age of Lazyness

Avengers nicknames - Thor/Loki Hawkeye Hulk Captain America Ironman Blackwidow Agent Hill Phil Coulson and Nick Fury

Dad's Nicknames For Avengers Characters

Funny pictures about Dad's Nicknames For The Avengers. Oh, and cool pics about Dad's Nicknames For The Avengers. Also, Dad's Nicknames For The Avengers photos.

Captain America

I had a dream last night that I was working at Starbucks and Steve Rogers walked in and ordered an iced Americano and I said “one iced Americano for the iced Americano“ and then I woke myself up by laughing too hard at my own joke