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Sonda LRO má študovať povrch Mesiaca. Svoj objektív však tentokrát namierila na Zem.

cosmicvastness: “ NASA Releases New High-Resolution Earthrise Image In this composite image we see Earth appear to rise over the lunar horizon from the viewpoint of the spacecraft, with the center.

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The Earth & Moon (NASA Galileo Jupiter Mission Images) - Featured: the planet Jupiter; the pale blue dot of earth

Earth from Mars. World Space Week 2013: "Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth"

Solar eclipse from the Moon Earth is surrounded with a red-tinted haze as sunlight streams through the planets dusty atmosphere. composite illustration: Hana Gartstein cosmos-the-universe


Beautiful Image of Mars.not the moon, per se, but still.a beautiful shot of the planet Mars.

Kepler-186f ~ The first known Earth-size planet to lie within the habitable zone of a star beyond the Sun.

The first known Earth-size planet to lie within the habitable zone of a star beyond the Sun. Discovered using data from the prolific planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft, the distant world.

大マゼラン雲(Large Magellanic Cloud)内にある星形成領域の詳細写真。写真右は「NGC 2014」、左が「NGC 2020」。(c)AFP/EUROPEAN SOUTHERN OBSERVATORY ▼25Jan2014AFP|【特集】「猫の手星雲」に「魔女星雲」…神秘の天体ショー http://www.afpbb.com/articles/-/3007009 #NGC_2014 #NGC_2020

Credit: ESO The European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope captured these very different colored gas clouds, NGC Red and NGC 2020 Bluish like smoke ring. Sculpted by powerful stellar winds from hot newborn stars.

NASA has released an incredible enhanced color image of the dwarf planet Pluto taken by the Ralph/Multispectral Visual Imaging Camera (MVIC) on the New Horizons space probe which made an historic f…

NASA Releases an Incredible Enhanced Color Image of Pluto

NASA's New Horizon mission flew past Pluto on July revealing a world with glaciers, mountains and an atmosphere.