Charlize Theron British artist Ileana Hunter draws unique portraits of celebrities that are minimal, but still easily recognizable.

Penelope Cruz by Ileana Hunter

Ileana Hunter is a graphite artist currently living and working in Norwich, UK. Her realistic pencil drawings are inspired by both the fluidity of the human body and the hidden lyricism of mundane objects


I don't know if I like this style of drawing as much because without any outline it is difficult to see the structure of the whole face. I do however, like the way the eyes are not facing straight forward, they are looking to the side.

Dessin : Portrait d'une femme de profile

Audrey Hepburn Portrait Fine Art Pencil Drawing Signed Print "The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.

Rihanna Minimal Portrait by on @DeviantArt

A minimalist portrait of Rihanna. Original pencil drawing by Ileana Hunter in her unique style of minimal realism.

It looks better.... upside down! – The Art Colony

Have you ever tried to draw or paint someone's portrait and struggled to get a good likeness?