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Meow and my shadow

Slight variations - take away the white on his face, add it to his paws, maybe add a point on the chest marking (making it a bird flying up), and this could be my cat.

SO Adorable!!

Growing up.

Husky puppies are so cute! Huskies growing up with Spaniel -- TOO CUTE siberian husky

amazing animal pictures 52

50 Perfectly Timed Nature Photos

Want to see the best perfectly timed animal photographs ever? Here we have chosen our top 30 best ever perfectly timed animal images of birds and wildlife for your perusal.

beautiful black cat

Black cat in the dark

I love this beautiful black cat. He's adorable and sweet, while at the same time being beautiful and mysterious. I love cats, but black cats are the best!

Multi Level Cat Playhouse

PetPals Group Recycled Paper Cat House - For those who love the environment just…

The time log explains so much!! Emma sits on the nightstand at night and just stares at me. It is really creepy.

How to pet a kitty

so true! :) How to pet a kitty by Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal, Funny and insightful comic for cat lovers. to bad i hate cats

@Krista Freeh ... i feel like we say this a lot... i mean, you say it about being a dog, but still

Most days I wish I was a cat. Actually all the days I wish I was a cat.