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gravitacne balansovanie kamenov 14

You may think that towers Of balanced rocks would be impossible, but Colorado-based artist and photographer, Michael Grab has mastered Stone Balancing. When you see he works it's difficult to comprehend how he can create works of balanced art.

Artist Michael Grab seems to have perfected the skill of balancing rocks to create amazing sculptures.  But I wonder how many creations collapsed before one remained standing?

The Balanced Rock Sculptures of Michael Grab Rely Solely on Gravity rocks land art balance

We're having a hard time deciding whether Michael Grab is an artist or a magician, because he creates stunning structure from finely balanced rocks that seem to defy the law of physics.

Artist Creates Impossible Towers Of Balanced Rocks To Meditate


Artist Michael Grab builds breathtaking structures from carefully balanced rocks that appear to resist the principles of physics.

Single stone balanced on a creek. Gravity Glue by Mike Grab

By balancing stones, artist finds peace

Gravity Glue by Mike Grab

These amazing rock formations are perfectly balanced and stick together with just gravity, there is nog glue or anything else involved. Michael Grab is the Artist behind this beautiful but very difficult art.

Les pierres en équilibre de Michael Grab

Les pierres en équilibre de Michael Grab

Denise Mucci: Mudar a quem?

Michael Grab, balancing rock and pebbles installation. — at Boulder Creek.