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Michael déjoue les lois de la gravité en se servant des éléments de la nature pour créer de superbes sculptures

Gravity-Defying Stone Balancing Art By Michael Grab

Michael Grab  -This photo shows balance by the rocks being balanced

Land artist Michael Grab creates sculptures, towers, & orbs by carefully stacking & balancing rocks of different shapes & sizes.

Building little rock worlds on the windowsill outside mom and dads master bathroom

Rock piles become man’s meditative art

Michael Grab...Gravity Glue

Canadian land artist Michael Grab creates gravity-defying balancing rock sculptures simply by being patient enough to find every small indentation of the rocks

Stone Balance by Michael Grab September 2014 Planet: Earth  http://www.gravityglue.com

Stone Balance Demonstration by Michael Grab (Gravity Glue) - 1409 - September 2014 Amazing!

Magic Moments | GRAVITY GLUE Gravity Glue is an ongoing satellite project designed to record and share my (Michael Grab‘s) experience and journey through the art of Stone Balance.  Gravity is the only “glue” that holds these structures in equilibrium.

By balancing stones, artist finds peace. Incredible sculptures by Michael Grab.

信じられない驚異的な岩積みロックバランシングアート | picmuu 厳選画像まとめ

Michael Grab practices the art of balancing stones. He is able to create stacks of rock that I have trouble accepting as real.

michael grab

Artist Michael Grab has perfected the art of balanced rock sculptures. Armed with an incredible sense of balance, Grab places stone on top of stone to create these impressive sculptures that are held up by nothing more than gravity.

El arte de las piedras en equilibrio

El arte de las piedras en equilibrio

Les pierres en équilibre de Michael Grab

Les pierres en équilibre de Michael Grab