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Stick pictures of the kids in silly costumes on blocks for them to make different replicas of themselves and their friends. Makes building more personal.

Make mix and match box dolls

When Dreamup Toys sent us these building toys that connect wooden train tracks to interlocking building blocks to review, I knew they'd be cool, but I had no idea how they'd supercharge my son's creativity!

Creative Building Play with DUPLO and Wooden Train Tracks

Dreamup Toys sell building toys that connect wooden train tracks to interlocking duplos

Building and engineering activities for kids - do giant version that people build with, also part of decor

Homemade cardboard construction set - an inexpensive homemade toy to make for kids. Helps to develop cognitive skills and fine motor skills, and a fun, open-ended activity for kids who like to build.


Trace the shadow of your sculpture - foil figure or another object with a clearly identifiable shape. Ask, "If I hold the light here, will the shadow move?" Explore how the shadow elongates and shortens as the light is moved.

Free Building Cards

Love this! Lego construction cards - help practice visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, and engineering

Haga sus propios rompecabezas de bloques de color! Así que la diversión para el preescolar y jardín de infancia la práctica del color y la lógica de jugar!

Color Block Puzzles

Stick People- great way for kids to create little people or even worry dolls. #childLife #looseParts

Stick People Community

Make a Stick Person! Heck, make a Stick Community! Fun, open-ended craft that preschoolers (and toddlers) can do all by themselves, and work on their fine-motor skills at the same time. Plus you get some free DIY dolls to roleplay with at the end!