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Doornloze braam 'Chester Thornless' | Rubus fruticosus 'Chester Thornless'

Have you ever had someone explaining something to you that you just can't grasp? After just so much of that, I like to say, "Yes, and blackberries are red when they're green!" Not saying what they have to say is not true -- just confusing.


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This is how those delicious pistachio nuts look 'au naturel' before the harvest and roasting.  Pistachio Fruit Tree

Unripe pistachios on a tree in Prusch park, San Jose --pistachio trees are my favorite



Yum, sun-ripened blackberries- try in Fresh Fruit Cones at parties

Backyard blackberries - oh, I remember picking these with you so many…

Wild banana tree that looks like a pineapple!

Wild Banana Tree

Musa acuminate, SE Asia, the largest herbaceous plant living today; they are not trees but a species of wild banana, the progenitor of modern edible bananas, along with Musa balbisiana. First cultivated by humans around 8000 years ago

Korona Strawberries

'Korona' Strawberry Strawberry 'Korona' (Fragaria x ananassa) is an early strawberry with two exceptional qualities - large fruits and an outstanding flavour. The strawberries are as big as eggs.