Garden corner

this week’s favorite Pinterest finds

Corner flower garden - a little fence area like this gives a focal point when you have open acreage and just want a little flower bed

Cute yellow and white cottage with white picket fence.  This looks like a perfect house to me.  :-)

Little Yellow Houses

I am showing little yellow houses today. Little yellow farm house, yellow house with window boxes and white picket fence, yellow house exterior color ideas.

How to make a flowerbed under a tree. Would probably lay fabric down to prevent weeds and fine cuter pavers.

I want to do flower beds around our gigantic tree in the back yard and the birch tree in the front yard.

Seriously this is what I am talking about! Look at this soooo gorgeous. Nice flowers, shrubs, lawn.

Irregularly shaped beds in the corners of the backyard - choose plants and vary throughout. (Looks exactly like my aunt's back yard!