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If you have feral cats in your neighborhood, we can help you reduce the numbers by doing TNR. Simply eliminating the cats has been proven to be ineffective because more move to vacated location. Two Left Paws aims to help control the cat population, leading to far fewer healthy cats being euthanized. If you have a feral cat in your neighborhood and would like assistance, please click ​here to complete our TNR request form. ​ http://tlpwebsite.wix.com/twoleftpaws#!tnr/cewq

A small cat seeks refuge from the sun, on a tree branch. - Non-Commercial License - No Attribution Required

mostlycatsmostly:  (via Евгений Брюховецкий)

Calico Cat Perched in Tree.

To the Stars by *ZoranPhoto on deviantART

Looking at the roof by ZoranPhoto on deviantART

a cute wild kitten

Visit the Shop and have your feline seen to, spaying for females are and for males are Cat Vaccinations for flu, chlamydia, leukemia, rabies and enteritis are also available at Do your part for Feral Cat Awareness Day.


Greece Greek Islands Hydra Tourist Information


Pretty kitty in long grass

cat climbed tree on prowl wide hd wallpaper

Do you have a favorite Scottish Fold cat name? Post a comment and add it to our list!

Cute cat in Santorini, Greece | Cool Animal World

thepaintedbench: Cat in Santorini


At Sunrise .

(via rise-a-mui)

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Lucky [4]  kitten

Lucky [4] kitten

magicalnaturetour:  alexok55 - «Sentinel sunset»

magicalnaturetour: alexok55 - «Sentinel sunset»

Resultado de imagem para natureza

Resultado de imagem para natureza