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pray to have more tuna: Dear God let me up on that table so I can get that fish out of that bowl of water.

New Year’s resolution #1…to own a Devon Rex cat.

Adorable and sheds considerably less than the average cat! I want one! I want, no.

gsfrenchshabbylife:Chef kitty :)

self-satisfied le chef kitty on the recipe board- you knew it had to happen ^.

Bengal Cats.  I would love to have one (or two), but they are so energetic they require A LOT of play time.

Bengal cats playing together. idk who cud deny the elegance those spots radiate! I can't wait to have a Bengal

The cutest nose of all!

Luv Kittens Daily on

OMG so cute Heart shaped nose kitty-PurrFect cutie for International Cat Day

Gracious Grey Kitty

itty bitty precious kitty [This is an adorable black, gray, and white striped kitten that looks to be very loving and ffectionate.