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A stunning piece, this beautiful large clock is an impressive addition to any room. This clock is modeled after European cathedrals of the 12th-16th Centuries. It features the gothic arches and ornaments that typify the style. This is a large and striking piece and is a centerpiece of art and design. There are very few …

Christophe – Musical, 8-Day, 1-Wind, Gothic Design, Cuckoo with Moving Wings, Dancers 8366

pretty sure i have this exact clock, from Switzerland.. might look cool in the dorm

Have a lil cuckoo clock like this that I got for my mom while shopping in Leavenworth

Gorgeous 18th c. French wall clock - movement by Charles Voisin; case made at Chantilly Porcelain Manufactory, 1740.  It's decorated with a monkey playing in a tree, flowers, and a green dragon. It's made of soft-paste porcelain, gilt bronze, & enameled metal - it's 2 ft, 5 1/2 in. tall.  Such 'pendule d'alcove' clocks were designed for bedrooms & were fitted cords that struck on the hour and 1/4 hour when pulled, thus eliminating the need to light a candle to tell time. (1st of two pins)

Wall Clock (Pendule d'alcove) Movement by Charles Voisin, clockmaker; clock case made at the Chantilly Porcelain Manufactory French, Paris and Chantilly, about 1740

Cuckoo Clocks have origins in Black Forest, Germany. Today Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks are skilfully handcrafted by woodcarvers just as they were 200 years ago which makes it so special.

Cuckoo Clock with mechanical mechanism - Genuine Black Forest 1 day mechanical

German Cuckoo Clock Quartz-movement Chalet-Style 12.00 inch - Authentic black forest cuckoo clock by Trenkle Uhren: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & ...

Cuckoo Clock Quartz-movement Chalet-Style by Trenkle Uhren -