How to make a floral style succulent arrangement  By Debra Lee Baldwin

Award-winning garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin, author of Succulent Container Gardens, demonstrates how to make a floral-style succulent arrangement,.

Debra Lee Baldwin making a succulent arrangement in a container.

Twenty-five hundred people attended the Succulent Celebration and Book Launch June I sold more than 350 copies of my new book, Succulents Simplified.

Succulents in soda crate planter

10 Ideas For Decorating With Soda Crates

Decorating With Vintage Soda Crates - plant succulents in each square. the Pepsi crate) A idea for the soda crates =)


Living Arrangements Los Angeles, is a brilliant company that bypasses the ubiquitous floral arrangement for a lasting gift of beautiful potted succulent arrangements. With recycled containers to choose from and gorgeous sedum blends-this concept should be


This crafty garden design works on many levels. By utilizing slow growing sedum plants, this design is easy to maintain and drought tolerant too!

a guide to how much you should space your vegetable seeds when planting

Generic spacing info for seeding your vegetable garden. Details on the seed packet trump anything else you read online, though, since the details are for that exact variety.