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Composition by Kali Ciesemier. Sub lesson. Read, draw two quick pics one w/good composition one bad, pass to neighbor, must identify which is good and bad and explain why. Prize for most creative composition and best explanation.

画动漫人物眼睛 技法!太棒了.…_来自uchiha歆蓝的图片分享-堆糖网

How to draw anime eyes. Interesting, considering I've never really been able to master anime.ive alwasys love to draw anime☺

new prints on Etsy! - JOURNAL - Tracy Walker Illustration

new prints on Etsy!

art_study_dump_02_by_foervraengd-d5tsqu7.png (900×4964)

I still learn about anatomy too. but this tutorial will show you how I draw male anatomy. So almost of this pic is inorrect from real anatomy.

Wie zeichnet man Gesichter und Hände das erstaunlichste Buch empfohlen von meiner Universität, dieses Buch zu erhalten. Und hier ist es fantastisch. 3625  32 32 zeichnen lernen

lines and colors :t drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts

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How+to+Draw+Anime+Lips mouths i by saber xiii manga anime traditional media drawings 2012 .