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Photographer Megan van der Elst takes pictures of her blonde guinea pig, Professor BooBoo.


The Guinea Pig Daily: Almond: now this is cuteness overload!

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How to Entertain Your Guinea Pig (with Pictures) - wikiHow. this piggie looks like my pig, Hen-Wen

Entertain Your Guinea Pig

How to Entertain Your Guinea Pig. Guinea pigs get bored just like any other animal. Therefore, you should find ways to entertain them, such as providing toys and creating a more interesting cage. Also, providing time outside of the cage.

15 idées pour améliorer la vie de votre adorable cochon d'Inde

15 idées pour améliorer la vie de votre adorable cochon d'Inde


Join The Adventures of Fuzzberta, The Cutest Ever Mini Guinea Pig - I Can Has Cheezburger?

How to bond with your guinea pigs!

How to Bond with Your Guinea Pigs

Roedorciños <3

Cheat Sheet: Types of guinea pigs. My Meeko is a brindle Abyssinian. - Lol idk why i felt the need to pin this, but it may be necessary one day.

"Every rustle you make, every bag you shake, I'll be watching you..."

This is so true! I'll move a bag in the other room and I'll hear my Guinea start to squeak from my room😂

Our late, beloved Goldie looked very much like this smack talk guinea pig.

Types of guinea Pig Breeds – Guinea pigs also called cavies make a few of the pets and you can not help but love them.