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Black Veil Brides Andy, Andy Black, Andy Biersack, Musica

"Andy Biersack" by sage-benfer ❤ liked on Polyvore

i just really love the first part of this, Hot lips dirty hips sexy smile andy style

I'm genuinely happy that him and Juilet got married. I hope they live an amazing life together. ❤️

Andy Biersack Imagines

Read His coffin(he's a vampire) from the story Andy Biersack Imagines by HaleighPenguin (Hime Möon Chïld) with

He looks so fancy in the one with the dogs

I can honestly say he looks or just reminds me of my boyfriend lol LOVEEEEE IT! <== if you can honestly say that then your boyfriend is beautiful

Now here's Andy. I love him!!! >u< <3 I bet every girl would say that but lol. He has helped me through a lot. He is a person I can relate to. I love you Andy!!!

Black Veil Brides: Picking up the love of my life. *smirks and looks down* ~Andy

Andy Biersack

I like to play this game, its called find a bad picture of Andy Biersack, problem is.

This... Is..... Beautiful... I have fallen for my fallen angel

Andy biersack look alike.They say on average that there's 7 people in the world that look like. Well i think that we just found another Andy! Wait this isn't Andy?


Andy and his cigarette. (He hates people saying this, but I really wish he'd quit! I don't want him dying of cancer!) me too I love Andy bvb he smokes two packs a day that's forty cigarettes it's terrible I would dye crying if he died :'(

Ashley one of the hottest! I <3 this pic so much

Wallpaper and background photos of Ashley for fans of Black Veil Brides images.

Black Veil Brides Andy, Andy Black, Andy Biersack