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Mother love

Dog parents: Being a mother means loving someone unconditionally with your whole heart. (Being a foster Mom, too!

♡☆ "We may not be together in the way we used to be we are connected by a cord no eye can see so whenever you need to find me we're never far apart If you look beyond the horizontally and listen with your heart" ☆♡

Always difficult to say goodbye to your dog best friend, we hope this card helps where it hurts.

My puppy just got heart worms and she might be on medicine for years to get rid of them! I can't live without my dog! If she don't live, I won't live

My dog is my baby. I cannot find the words to explain how much having my dog in my life means to me, but I do know that without my dog my world would be more dark & empty.

I will always always love you ♥

I will always always love you KeiraBear❤❤ I will always love my new dogs Chip and Ouija!

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A million words would not bring you back, I know because I’ve tried. Neither would a million years, I know because I’ve cried

You left a pawprint on my heart. I lost my dog Tata today I can't even describe how empty life feels without you...

You left a paw print on my heart

Best dog collar here You left a pawprint on my heart. I lost my dog Tata today I cant even describe how empty life feels without you.

Every day!!

Every single freaking morning! What an adorable sight to wake up to. Nobody (except your Mom) will love you as unconditionally as one of these saved Angels.

Its so true see i have four dogs two hamsters and a horse and they r my best friends

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@Lenamalmstrom Horse, foal, jack russel terrier brown and white

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