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The color red can symbolize many things from love and blood to courage and sacrifice. The color red also plays an important role in nature. Red coloration in animals and plants usually remind others to stay alert and keep their distance. Humans, however, find red-colored animals attractive and beautiful to look at.

32 Amazingly Beautiful Red Animals You Need To See

Here is a list of the most amazingly beautiful red-colored animals in the world you need to see, like red panda, Siamese Fighting Fish, scarlet ibis etc.

Veined Octopus (Octopus marginatus)

Photo of a Octopus marginatus(Scientific Name) Octopus(Common Name) shotted in anilao philippines with a NIKON CORPORATION camera

Octopus dofleinii Дальневосточный осьминог

Octopus dofleinii Дальневосточный осьминог

pink - octopus - wood carving - sculpture - Jeff Soan

Las creaciones hermosas en madera de jeff.s