watering can fountain: even if you don't have a pump, it would be a fun activity for kids on a hot day. Use any watering can or even containers with holes punched (i. milk cartons, tin cans, pop bottles, etc.

26 Surprisingly Amazing Fence Ideas You Never Thought Of

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Adorable!  The smaller saucer is for birdseed.  I would paint it dark blue, though, to continue the rainbow :)

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Bird bath made out of 3 terra cotta pots! Bird bath made out of 3 terra cotta pots! Bird bath made out of 3 terra cotta pots!

You will have endless pleasure watching the birds preening and cleaning in beautiful hand painted flower pot bird baths.  Here you will find lots of creative ideas to make your own....

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dnewmanpaintings: Outdoor Sculpture large pine cones made from shovel heads

Large pine cone made from shovel heads.Large shovel head pine cones by sculptor Patrick Plourde

This DIY leaf bird bath project will create a one-of-kind watering place for the birds in your backyard, and working with cement is easier than you think!

my fave birdbath - I have a hosta plant so i can actually make this one :) DIY Leaf Bird Bath