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My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words These lyrics inspire me everyday. This would make an amazing tattoo!

Day 1|Favorite Song| Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance

~Famous last words ❤ Idk if y'all have noticed but I have a weird urge to pin lyrics to songs I'm listening to while listening to them so Yep xD

My Chemical Romance ~ Mikey and Gerard Way XD

Gerard Way Funny Pictures gerard way funny mikey way mcr my chemical romance image search .

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Famous, Last Words - My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance Famous Last Words. “ Honey, if you stay, you'll be forgiven.

That's okay-didn't need my heart..........                                                 I LOVE THEIR BROMANCE

Gerard caring for his little boyfriend (do NOT tell me Frerard isn't real, because IT IS)