Discover dark wood flooring decorating tips. Armstrong Flooring has dark wood options available in many species, sizes and styles in browns, grays and blacks.

Bathroom storage apartment-decor

Free Up Floor Space by Hanging Baskets and Buckets on The Wall

You'll never realize your square foot shortage again!

10 Home Decor Ideas You'll Want to Pin Immediately

doing some research on popsugar and found this article. some good ideas 9 Small-Space Living Tricks That Make a Big Difference

<b>No matter how tiny that studio apartment is, nothing beats having your own space.</b> Here are some actually feasible ideas that don

22 Brilliant Ideas For Your Tiny Apartment

22 Brilliant Ways to Make a Small Space More Livable - Geared toward studio apartments, but still full of good ideas!

Take advantage of the tops of bookshelves for larger favorites and use high-up shelves to show them off. This bookshelf from Oh, Hello Friend houses several globes without taking up too much real estate.   -

10 New Ways to Show Off a Treasured Collection

Could mimic a diy with Home Depot shelves /spray paint, reclaimed wood for the shelves and huge casters?


Names: Sara & PeteSize: square feet, including the basement apartmentYears Lived in: and Pete's DC rowhouse is decorated with a mix of antiques and repurposed theater props

Jose's Super Small & Stylish 275 Square Foot Apartment — House Tour

Jose's Super Small & Stylish 275 Square Foot Apartment

I love this tiiiiiiny 275 square foot apartment. The cover picture doesn't sum it up at all.