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Can you believe that this the back of a real spider? what a curious- and beautiful- little thing this is. A Ravine Trap Door Spider

This is a Ravine Trapdoor Spider. The scientific name is Cyclocosmia truncata Can you believe that this the back of a real spider? what a curious- and beautiful- little thing this is. A Ravine Trap Door Spider

eye of honey bee #beautiful

honeybee's eye at by Ralph Grimm: 20 BioScapes Contest Photos--Life Viewed through the Microscope - Scientific American

Chameleon.  ♥

I want a pink chameleon.I'd name him Pascal, after the fabulous little guy in Tangled :)

Ormiga botera.

Honey Pot Ant "also called honey ants or repletes, are ants which are gorged with food by workers, to the point that their abdomens swell enormously, a condition called plerergate. Other ants then extract nourishment from them.

Kung Fu Frog.(Yaaahooo) | See More Pictures | #SeeMorePictures

Kungfu frog by shikhei goh. Shouldn't the "Kung Fu Fighting" song be playing for this guy?

Un único Grasshopper. Este insecto distinto y colorido es conocido como el ‘Blue saltamontes’.

Pasa y mira estos increíbles animales, son reales, no es PS

The blue grasshopper is like a traditional grasshopper, its yellow and blue color that gives it a gorgeous look.


Elephant Bee, nature amazes me? Although interesting photo it apears photo shopped. Have you ever seen a bee with Tusks?


Funny pictures about Party mantis. Oh, and cool pics about Party mantis. Also, Party mantis.

F-ANT-astic: The ant army shows off its teamwork, building a bridge against the backdrop of a glowing sunset. Photographer Andrey Pavlov hopes his pictures will form a bridge between reality and the world of fairytales

Antsy fantasy: Russian photographer creates a fairytale world with obliging insects

Supposedly, Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov takes insane macro pictures of live ants by spending hours and hours playing with them and posing them to get the perfect shot.

SWEEPA.COM company that makes rubber rakes

Funny pictures about Umbrella Frog. Oh, and cool pics about Umbrella Frog. Also, Umbrella Frog photos.

Flower Kiss ... A Magical Miniature World Of Snails By Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko created this fascinating series of macro photographs that explore the incredible world of tiny creatures like snails, mollusks, insects and amphibians dwell.

frases para motivar

Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov takes the most mind-blowing macro photographs of ants that you will ever see. To get these shots, Pavlov patiently coaxes the ants into these poses with food.