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Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit - Elemental Correspondences - Many sources were pilfered for this material.

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Full Moon ritualThe Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono is based in taking responsibility for everything around u

The Elements

this is so cool, my fiend and I watched a series where she loves the ice guy and I love the fire guy, she's a cancer and I'm an aries

I want this solar system tattoo on my spine and I want to include Pluto also

I think this would make an amazing spine tattoo! with everything aligned and just the symbols. Or as individual tattoos! Maybe Neptune since that planet correlates with my astrological sign.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

The Elements and elemental magic, different spells can focus on different elements. Be sure that, if you use the elements in your spells, use the best quality. Try to use pure mineral water instead of tap.

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Air Correspondences, Wiccan Tradition- source: Sacred Goddess University ~I'm MUCH more familiar with Swords being the corresponding tarot suit.