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Megapost de infografias 2 - Taringa!

Megapost de infografias 2

Artist Sam Loman has created a lovely map of the human body in the style of the London Underground map. Okay it’s strictly not in the style of the London Underground Map because not all the l…

Twitter / NaturPictures: Vista aérea de la Marina de ...

El Mundo en Imágenes on

Stunning aerial view of the Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Marina is a canal city, built along a two mile stretch of the Persian Gulf shoreline. Photo by AirPano via archdaily

go ALL the places! (except the spider tree thing, no thanks!)

Amazing things in nature you won’t believe actually exist…

Funny pictures about Amazing things in nature you won't believe actually exist. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing things in nature you won't believe actually exist. Also, Amazing things in nature you won't believe actually exist.

Look at that black sand beach at Vik, Iceland. It's beautiful how the colors blend in, like nature's colorless landscape are full of shadows, magic, and nuances kept for us to see from afar. Cliffs are surrounding the beach, sheltering land from the raw and powerful ocean, and the contrasts in the landscape are clear. Pure beauty of sharp shapes, clean colors and constrast, that you should come and see - it is a must.

"The black Coast of Vik during heavy rainfall" by Stefan Forster. Some people have thought the black sand was sea, and others vice versa.

The Arch du Triumph, another must-see in Paris. All the boulevards in Paris radiate from it.

16 lugares famosos mostrados com o seu verdadeiro entorno

Aerial view of the Arc de Triomphe, Paris. (Different views of famous landmarks with unexpected surroundings - mostly not too bad, but the wasteland around the Taj Mahal is pretty gross)

Salt Flats of Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni marks the location of the world's largest salt flats, which can be found in southwest Bolivia. This stunning image captures the Uyuni Salt Flats right after rainfall. The salt crystals reflect puffy white clouds like an enormous mirror.

Seeing These Popular Destinations From An Aerial View Is Almost Surreal. #7 Is Simply Breathtaking. [STORY]

Check out the most amazing high resolution aerial photos of cities and places around the world what a wonderful view to take of the world's beautiful places