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Value (middle school). Middle school art.

good painting exercise for demonstrating value in color / tints & shades for middle schoolers.

A day in the life of this art teacher: Birds and Birch Trees

A day in the life of this art teacher: Birds and Birch Trees. Make special papers using crayon resist with watercolor paint, cut out bird shapes. Tree just long rectangles with black paint.

Landscape/Perspective lesson Fall Tree Drawing Art Project | Ziggity Zoom

Fall Tree Drawing Art Project

week 5 Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw Fall Tree Tutorial. An easy way to add perspective to a landscape.

value study - use three colors in any shape/design. display as whole class project. show artists website for inspiration. each class use different color scheme. artist statement on back explaining reasoning of design. Jason Messinger Art: Vertical Murals from JasonMessingerArt

Grand Tour - Vertical ceramic tile wall art Mural from JasonMessingerArt: (think paintings.value study, whole class project)

CC Week 6 Final Project Idea:  Birds on a Wire (ties in perspective and OILS . . . use Mona Brookes step by step to draw birds instead of silhouettes, then have student make mirror image of their first bird)

fine art by Patty Baker - original and commissioned paintings, contemporary acrylic paintings - great idea for perspective. Birds on wire sunset night sky

Art Room Blog: 1st Grade Georgia O'keeffe Flowers...

COLLAGE-Create Art With Me!: Wandering and Collecting: Crayon & tissue paper collage: O'Keeffe?