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Happy 150th Canada Day! 7-1-17

Guy Allan Davis Wish Happy Birthday to Canada 150 years ago, a country was conceived with the signing of the British North America Act.

I've planted 78 trees just by searching the web with Ecosia. This is pretty cool! It gives me zero problems, and who doesn't want to plant more trees?

I contributed to Ecosia’s tree planting projects just by searching the web — 3 times! Switch to Ecosia to help people get jobs and help plant trees.

Google Holiday Logo - Day Two - Tis The Season

Google's Holiday Logos Sticks With 'Tis The Season! Messaging

Munshi premchand in hindi essay on swachh Munshi Premchand (Hindi: मुंशी प्रेमचंद, Urdu: منشی پریم چند), (July 1880 – October was a famous writer of modern.


14 January 2017 Carrie Derick’s Birthday Carrie Derick Carrie Derick’s Birthday Until modern times, few women were recognized in the world of aca.

Google Doodles - 14Feb2017

Atlantis Black II

The Doodles' also remind the world of the threat faced by pangolins, the world's only scaly mammal — and the most trafficked species

Today's Google Doodle animates rolling shutter effect http://ift.tt/2og8V3h

Today's Google Doodle animates rolling shutter effect http://ift.tt/2og8V3h

French author Charles Perrault was born 388 years ago on January 12, and has   become immortalised as the father of the fairy tale as we know it

Who was Charles Perrault? Why the fairy tales you know may not be as they seem

Artist Sophie Diao's tableaux of Charles Perraults Sleeping Beauty.