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NEVER!!!! Through manassas with the windows down.. Never. lol

Favorite thing to do - Road trips with my friends.we're gonna talk to strangers in the cars next to us

Full House's Jesse and the Rippers to reunite on Friday!

John Stamos as Uncle Jesse on Full House. You know he was the main reason why you watch that show

:) @Ebba Öjendal Jean Clevenger they even pull off the same pose as us!!! but they don't pull it off as well as we did!!! lol ;)

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Hahahahaha *looks at my crazy mess that I call hair* the only way I get light curls is if I straighten my hair and then go stand out in the rain for 10 minutes until my hair lightly curls again.

...and that's who I am.

Which don't happen by texting by the way. But I like deep conversations when the person is actually with me. I love a person that can hold a good conversation

and that's who I am

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If it stops you from getting closer to God, then it needs to go.


Sometimes, but not all the time. Just me time.