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bloemenweide in geel en groen

Little ★Country Church at Idsworth, Hampshire, England. It seats about and is still used as a church today.


Golden sunset over farm field in Ontario. We call these marshmallow puffs when we see them in the fields. Love We've got the best at in

Thick cumulonimbus builds on the plains of red barn in Ellis County Kansas.

Rise & Shine (35 Photos)

Photo by Thomas Zimmerman. "A violent thunderstorm builds on the plains of Kansas over a beautiful red barn in Ellis County, Kansas." I was born in Ellis County!

Farthing Downs, London.

God pictures Amazing Clouds---an extraordinary example of mammatus clouds lit from above.

"Comin' up a cloud...."

Things people miss about Oklahoma when they move ~ A Good Storm. A windmill and supercell storm in Leedey, Oklahoma, USA.