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yup pretty much

Haha jackie but i have to go to school Ej: *picks me up* Nope your staying here Me: B-but Ej: No butts well unless it's yours ;

I prefer...Valentine. Woow. Perfect card for Creepypasta fans.<<<< hehe. *awkwardly scratches back of head* creepypasta, you say? XD

Perfect card for Creepypasta fans. *awkwardly scratches back of head* creepypasta, you say? XD<<<<if anyone gave me this card I would probably blush really hard.

Was machen Slender, Masky, Hoodie, EJ und Ben da drin?? Wer sieht sie noch? XD

Creepypasta comics (fr) {TERMINER}


Yup im that one, no not splender (the colorful one) the one in the back (slenderman). <<< I'm pretty sure I'm the Steven Universe fanmade fusion of Slendy an Splendy of my family.

thIS STARTED OUT SWEET I FUCKING SWEAR. I DIDNT MEAN FOR THE ANGST. IT JUST HAPPENED Now that I am done justifying myself, have a new piece! So yeah. Frisk has known Sans for as long as he can reme...

AU - Make them wait for it. by instantpuppypaper on DeviantArt

.i would so watch this. i would never miss an episode. if i do, may Zalgo kill me and take me to hell.

Creepy time come on grab ur knife were going into the deadly night with smile the dog and jeff the human the fun will never end its creepy time>> Noice